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Yuri Farber
(St-Croix Castle)
Alan M. Baskin
(BIC Enterprises, Inc.)
Glenda Benjamin
(Calvary Baptist Church)
Iain Smith
(Architects Plus LTD.)
Maurice Bonham-Carter
(Arawak Beach Inn)
Keith Graham
(Great Bay Beach Resort)
Pat Siemion
(Home Owner)
William E. Law
(Home Owner)
Dorin and Pauline Green
(Home Owner)
Bill and Jayne Holland
(Home Owner)
Bohdan O. Fccowycz M.D.
(Home Owner)

Castle in St. Croix

I can’t say enough about your professionalism, true caring nature, and extensive knowledge.

No words would be adequate to describe the professional and wonderful service you provided me to measure, with patient and precision, the openings to replace all windows and doors at my Castle in St. Croix.

Every one of the openings was measured to 1/8” increment several times, to receive a brand new configuration of PVC windows and doors. You personally engineered a new design for every opening. You took in consideration every aspect of life in my Castle. The location of the Castle, the altitude, the sun, the salt, the ventilation, the rigidity and the ability to personalize all your products for each individual room, were always among your decisions on every window and door.

The small kitchen round top door with a tilt & turn window incorporated is one of your creation. I was reluctant to agree to change my double French wood door to a single PVC round top door with shaped side lights. You pleasantly convinced me. I am very pleased with your design. All of the large openings incorporated your knowledge of stiffeners for more rigidity. Your ability to minimize the size of windows made them easy operate. Maximizing the ventilation is among the reasons for the success of the replacement of all my windows and doors on my Castle.

You assistance in finding the right installer on the Island was appreciated. Your determination to use SGP versus a less expensive inter layer was also a good choice. At one time, a large amount of money was in your court without me seeing any products. You kept me informed almost on a weekly basis on the progress of manufacturing, so I did not have to worry about my investment.

Your dream, that one day you will manufacture the windows and doors for the Castle in St-Croix, came true, and I am very happy as the owner of the Castle to have been part of your dreams.

Your loyalty and integrity have built a respectful relationship for life. Your professionalism and talent are assets to any project.

Sincerely and friendly yours,

Yuri Farber

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