Plaza Door
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The link between you and nature.

With our products, we protect people from the harshness of the elements by combining the benefits of PVC, Aluminum, Stainless Steel hardware and Impact Glass in our windows and doors. At the same time, we invite the feeling and beauty that nature offers through marvelous views.

Your desire, Our challenge: A team of dedicated professionals.

Our staff is dedicated to assisting clients with their every need, with the ultimate goal of ensuring their custom-made products fit all of their specifications and desires. By providing an exclusive and personalized level of service, we aim to assist customers in all possible ways.

The durability of PVC, the strength of Aluminum.

Because of its very nature, PVC provides a high level of resistance to corrosion, rot, chipping, fading, insect assault, discoloration, and the severe conditions inherent to salt-laden marine environments. The addition of Aluminum increases the rigidity and strength of the products, which further increases the defense of your home.